Welcome to Canadian Imagination Casino

Welcome to Canadian Imagination Casino

Most people claim that slots are a game of luck and no skill is involved. This is wrong for three reasons:

  • Selection of Machines – slots payout different amounts depending on the denomination you bet (see below). So by picking the right machine you can increase your odds of winning.
  • Variance – slots do not pay out according to any predefined rules i.e. payouts are random and over the long run you should lose around 4% to 12% of every bet you place depending on your state. However, by deploying strategy such as low & high betting you can further increase the odds of winning. Most math majors would poke you in the eye if you told them you were going to win over the long run. You have to remember that math majors are people who excelled at memorizing large data sets and playing with the mechanics of the language called math. Basically they are like English majors but in place of letters are numbers. This mastery of the language called math does not imply any practical knowledge of the inner workings of the universe. It just means they have another language at their disposal. So don’t let the fool fool you.
  • Always use a Casino Bonus when you start – Get rewards while you win. But never play just for the points.

Vegas odds are always different from one year to the next. In 2012 the odds according to denomination were:

$.01 – 10.77% (you lose $.1077 for every $1 bet)
$.05 – 5.96% (you lose $.0596 for every $1 bet)
$.25 – 5.74% (you lose $.0575 for every $1 bet)
$1.00 – 5.64% (you lose .0564 for every $1 bet)
$5.00 – 5.51% (you lose $.0551 for every $1 bet)
$25.00 – 3.97% (you lose $.0397 for every $1 bet)

When the odds are against you willing is not easy. But, it can still be done. The strategies we cover cannot be used at any online casino like 32red.com or 888.com. If you read their terms & conditions you will see that low high betting is strictly permitted and trust me they will enforce this. What is worse is that you will be placed into a fraud database that other online casinos have access to.

This is why I do not recommend using any strategies at an online casino. So only use our strategies at land based casinos like MGM, Planet Hollywood Paris, Aria etc.