3 Steps to Beating Slot Machines

3 Steps to Beating Slot Machines

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Slot machines are the latest craze in casinos and for good reasons, they make a lot of money for the casinos.
There use to be mechanical slots that had actual spinning reels, but you’ll be hard pressed to find them anymore because video slots have taken over. Video slots are more colorful and animated. This hasn’t changed the dynamics of putting the odds in favor of the house. For example, the payout on one machine could be 40 to 1 on a particular combination, but the actual odds of hitting that combination could be 400 to 1; this gives you an idea of what you’re up against.

Step 1 – You Need a Strategy

Some people may call it is system, but having a strategy/plan is a better description for it. Essential to a successful strategy is money management. Beating slot machines is all based on having the money to play – no money, no play. So, if you don’t manage the money you have to play, chances are good that the slots will beat you.

Slots machines run in cycles, so choosing the right machine is very important. You have regular payout machines and you have progressive slots. If you cannot afford to play the maximum coin on a progress machine, then don’t play it. You have to play machines where you can afford to let the machine go through a reasonable cycle. This will be determined by the lines and denomination.

Here’s an example: The machine has 40 lines and plays for a penny. So that’s 40 cents per spin and investing $10.00 would give you 25 spins. This would be a reasonable amount of spins, and if your starting bankroll was $100.00, then this would only be 10 percent of your bankroll.

Step 2 – Don’t Look For Revenge

One of the biggest mistakes players make is getting attached to a slot machine.

If you lose 24 out of 25 spins, get out of there. Players think that a slot machine has to hit after such a bad run – this just isn’t true. This is one reason you need to manage your money, because most times part of your bankroll will go for finding a slot machine that’s playing, and hopefully paying too.

Players who get emotionally attached to a machine and chase their money, will usually lose. And if you’re intent on beating the slot machines, well, this unhealthy attachment just won’t work.

Step 3 – Play Aggressive

Lets break this down. You are playing a penny slot and it has 40 lines. On one spin you win 400 coins, now bet 2 coins on 40 lines (80 cents) for a few spins. If the cycle continues bet 3 coins (120 cents). In reverse, if the machine starts losing go back down. Bet less coins back down to the minimum bet – 40 coins.

When is it time to stop?

A rule of thumb is – you are gambling, so you put your bankroll for that day at risk. Lets say $100.00; you lose it you go home. Now, you run it up to $300.00, then what? The rule says “double your money, go home.” So, you’re bottom limit is $200.00. If you’re good fortune of running up your bankroll to $300.00 ends, then stop at $200.00.

Of course you can set your own “rules of thumb” to fit your gambling style, but at least you have something to go by with what we provided here.

If you follow these basic steps, you’ll be way ahead of most slot players and overcoming the house odds will be more in your favor. Having a good strategy will definitely help you in beating slot machines, and you’ll enjoy playing too. I recommend you start playing at slot-machines.se to become a better player.

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